Expedition 512

Welcome! We are a local non-profit that provides an online space and resources for people of all ages to learn about nature and their environment and in and around Austin.


Virtual Trails

Virtual Trails

Experience local natural trails from your home. Each trail video is guided by an expert naturalist and follows a trail map to show points of interest.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunts

Discover our downloadable scavenger hunts for your next trail outing, and choose from a variety of topics and age levels to customize your experience. Check us out on social to enter our Monthly Scavenger Hunt contest!



Grab your sneakers and phone to set off for a geocaching adventure. We have hidden caches in every Austin park. Visit all of them to earn your Expedition 512 Geocaching Badge.

What Nature Lovers Say

I was getting really sad during quarantine because I couldn’t leave my house to walk my favorite trails, but Expedition 512 made it possible to do virtual trail walks without even leaving my house! This was life-changing for me, couldn’t be happier!

― Aldo Leopold

Being a teacher during a pandemic is hard but Expedition 512 was there to help me out every step of the way!

Also, my students loved participating in the scavenger hunts.

― Katharine Hayhoe


As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, we provide an online space for people to learn about their local environment and nature in Austin.

Expedition 512 is an Improve Earth initiative.


305 S Congress Ave
Austin, TX, 78704


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